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A Bit about Keri Ann Creative Co

Hello! thats me!! and my favourite wee dude Xander.

Keri Ann Creative Co was founded in 2015 - for the past eight years there has always been projects on the go - including freelance design, releasing not one, but three colouring in books, however 'work' and 'a job' has had to come before design.

This year my circumstances have changed and now as a new mum, I have found the time to work solely on my dream - to be able to be at home more, to raise my wee man, what this means for you is that I am available to help! whether you need assistance updating your branding, looking for wedding invitations, a website, Keri Ann Creative Co is your one stop destination.

This year Keri Ann Creative Co is open for commission work, including

- Graphic Design and Marketing including Business Design and Website Design including both Commercial and General Design

- Illustration with a variety of options available

- Painting including murals

- Photography

If you are looking for an experienced personalised Graphic Designer with extensive industry and print knowledge or are looking for the perfect one off gift... Get in touch

Photo credit @unfilteredcollective

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